20's plenty! Reduce speed limit to 20 MPH on our village roads.

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E Iley
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The roads in our village are now used night and day by Heavy Goods Vehicles, commercial and domestic traffic which often speed through with little thought for the danger they pose to the people walking every day down our historic lanes and along main roads without pavements or with very narrow pavements.

Many of our village children are frightened by the size, volume and deafening sound of the large lorries and vehicles as they rush by, it makes walking outside and to school a dangerous endeavour. Our elderly residents feel less confident or unable to safely access Bus stops and activities in the community because of the speed and volume of traffic and for some this the only social interaction they have at all.

We have already suffered the loss a child who was tragically killed crossing our village road, we do not want to lose anybody else.

We accept that our main roads are now part of a Primary Route Network and must accommodate this larger volume of traffic but we ask that the large number of resident and visitors who walk in our village daily  - such as the elderly, disabled and little children - be better protected from the traffic by having the speed limit reduced from 30 mph to 20 mph on the roads where access is needed for our village School, Bus stops, Village Hall and Play Park.  

We have checked Wiltshire Council and Central Government's websites on the matter of reducing the speed limit and we acknowledge that our Village meets the required criteria to have the speed limit reduced from 30 mph to 20 mph 

  • High Volume of on-foot traffic (people who walk)
  • Vulnerable walkers (elderly, children & disabled persons)
  • Residential area
  • Built up area near a School 

(Central Government - speed limits
see 'Locally set speed limits'

Wiltshire Council - 20mph zones 
Sections applicable to Southwick Road and Westbury Road, Woodmarsh & Church Lane North Bradley:

2.2 - 67% reduction in Child injury accidents
3.3 paras 131-2
https://cms.wiltshire.gov.uk/documents/s63658/HSB-007-13_-_Appendix_1_Wiltshire_Policy_on_20_mph_speed_limits_and_zones1.pdf )

Reducing the speed limit from 30 mph to 20 mph where people walk, will make North Bradley feel safe and accessible again for all of it's residents and for those who come here to enjoy the Public footpaths and walking trails. 

As a community we will support fundraising towards the cost of traffic signage and calming measures for our roads which are essential to walkers: Southwick Road, Woodmarsh, Westbury Road and Church Lane.