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Accosting is simply analyzing the cost of OPP VS the North Bay police. IF we find out it's cheaper for the OPP to assume jurisdiction over the city of North Bay in Lieu of the North Bay police then why not save the tax payers some money? How? We don’t need 2 buildings so one can be used for something else, sold, rented, or just simply closed down saving the tax payers on operating costs right there. Where would the OPP get new cars? I can’t see why we can’t just paint the “old” police cars and get new decals. It would be thousands cheaper than just buying the cars new off the lot and done up, and all the equipment that’s currently being used to operate the North Bay police can easily be transferred over to the OPP. But again, keep in mind that this is only an “Accosting” which means you are just comparing the cost of operations and seeing which would be cheaper on the tax payers, and nothing happens till after a detailed analysis has been done by a trustworthy source, which in my opinion should be an outside one to eliminate any variables and or relationships with any of the parties involved. Now with that said, I’m going to go over an observation with the 3 conflicts of interest. The term “Conflict of interest” means “a situation in which a person is in a position to derive personal benefit from actions or decisions made in their official capacity.” I truly do fail to understand why our board has 3 conflicts of interests in regards to this matter. 1. No one is in any position during this accosting to derive personal benefit from actions or decisions made in their official capacity. Again, this is only an Accosting, nothing is carved in stone until the final numbers come in and we can actually verify whether or not this would be a feasible and viable option in the future. I believe we owe it to the citizens of North Bay to seriously analyze the feasibility study “Accosting” and try to save the city some money. A major concern of mine and should be for every other citizen in North Bay is. The last council meeting it was mentioned that there was concerns about officers with ongoing investigations preventing them from being transferred over to the OPP. If these officers of the law were under investigation maybe they shouldn’t considered for the position of OPP and advancing to a federal level. I’m still scratching my head over why they are still on the force myself, but I’m also privy information that’s currently being litigated before the courts in regards to some officers who are currently under “mentioned” ongoing investigation and because of the legal matters I cannot disclose any of the information I am privy to. But this I can say, when the accosting is said and done you may want to start with the comparison of the insurance premiums first.

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