Oppose the proposed closure of Stevenston swimming pool and gym before it's too late.

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The town of Stevenston, North Ayrshire, is officially the most deprived small town in Scotland, due to decades of neglect and Council indifference. One of our main assets is our swimming pool and gym at Auchenharvie here. It is where many people come not only to get fit, but to enjoy themselves and socialize. They keep many people sane and they help to make life bearable.. They foster community spirit. Yet, under the latest proposal by North Ayrshire Council, these vital leisure facilities are going to be closed and set up again in Ardrossan, an area not quite so deprived. The main point is that both areas should have decent leisure facilities,- the money is there. Many in Stevenston cannot afford to travel to the inaccessible area of Ardrossan where the new community hub will be. Our pool is so well - loved, with over 5,500 visits a month. Support Stevenston Community Council, the Auchenharvie Dolphins and concerned Councillors in their opposition to this dismal and wrong- headed proposal. This petition is obviously directed at the residents of Stevenston and nearby towns. Thank you for your support..


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