Humans, you most act now and stop this war immediately

Humans, you most act now and stop this war immediately

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Iniciada por Paulino Hemmer

Dear humans and citizens of planet earth.  

As the days go by, we can only share our tears of sorrow as we witness the most savage ways and methods of invasion, imposed on you by one of your own species.

Humans killing humans, this is horrific.   

We cannot comprehend how it is possible for one man, one President to have so much power and control over the entire planet. When did you lose direction and sense of the fact that all of you are mere mortals passing through planet earth. Your existence is insignificant, and yet precious to the universe, every single one of you. 

As we observe from the sky, we wonder when will you wake up? When will you awaken your conscious spiritual minds and hearts? How can you allow this situation to happen? 

Today we call upon the leaders of planet earth, those that you have selected as your Presidents. Why are they still debating behind a desk and a telephone, when they need to act now. The need to work together and stop this madness of war immediately . 

Why do you still divide yourselves according to the color of your skin or the place on the planet that you were born? This is the most precarious thing we have ever observed in the whole galaxy. 

You are all equal, you are all citizens of planet earth and not one has the right to kill, control or invade at his own will. This is unacceptable. This will bring severe consequences on your species. 

We thought that by now, what you call the year 2022, after the son of your God came two millennia ago, that you would have matured, protected and respected each other as HUMANS. 

All citizens of the world must come together as one and fight for the same ideals and dreams. You must act now and demand the leaders of your planet to stop this war.  

Dear President of Russia, USA, China , and the whole European Union. You must stop this genocide immediately. None of you understand the consequences of this in the near future for your civilization as well as for your planet. 

Mr. Vladimir Putin, you must stop killing human beings. Just because you believe that this is the right thing to do for your country, it clearly shows that you can't see the effect this has on the planet earth. Seven billion souls are observing your selfish actions. You are just a simple mortal that believes by invading this country, things will be great for the future of Russia. You are completely wrong.  

This war is and will be the worst karma you will carry on your back for the rest of your eternity. You are killing innocent souls, you are affecting the entire planet with your rhetoric and absurd ideas of unifying a country with ideals that do not exist any more. That era is over. There are many more important things in this universe at the moment that you are too empty and shallow to comprehend.  

You are responsible for thousands of souls and lives that are being affected right now. The reasons that you may have or think, along with your close group of people and advisors, are wrong. You are violating the most important laws in the universe.   You do not have the right to kill people of your own will. You are not God. You are taking lives that you are not capable of creating. The time will come when you will pay for all of this. 

Dear humans. You must come together and demand that the top leaders of your planet act now stopping this war immediately, or the consequences will be greater than you can imagine if you let it grow.

This message is addressed directly to the leaders of NATO. You must stop your current bureaucratic actions and act together now. You must speak immediately and determinately to the President of Russia and demand a cease fire.  

You have failed to do so, and you will continue to do so if you keep using the same methods. By supplying weapons and not participating actively side by side, it only shows that you are only washing your hands from the blood that is being spilled right now because you don't want to address the source of the problem directly.  The longer you wait the more humans will die. 

You must confront the Russian government diplomatically and directly face to face. You have to make them stop now. Do not be afraid that you will lose your jobs or any of your important positions if you speak up and stand up for the right thing. 

The longer you wait the worse the situation will get. The entire planet is observing how weak these actions have resulted so far against one person, one human ( Mr. Putin ), that is violating every universal law as we have already stated. 

We will not allow the use of any nuclear weapons. There are higher laws in the universe that must be respected, and followed. 

The time is near before other species will want to control your planet, and yet you are still fighting among yourselves for a piece of land that you have no idea how, when and who created it. Can you even respond  to how it is that Humans exist on planet earth? Do you even know how and why you were created? You are so ignorant and stupid if you do not change your military mentality now and protect your planet at all cost.  

You have just a few days to stop this situation, or the consequences on your planet will surpass your ability to control the outcome of this war. Is this what you call your free will? 

This is your opportunity to show and prove to the galaxy that you are ready to join the intergalactic family. 

We have been waiting for you to mature and show that you can thrive as one whole civilization, as HUMANS. What are you waiting for?


May peace be with all of you. 

(Message from the Stars) 

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