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Save Grade Weighting at North Allegheny

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To whom it may concern,

Currently, in our school district, the administration is discussing the possibility of removing grade weighting for Honors and AP classes.  They think it would be better if students would maintain an unweighted GPA during the course of their high school career, and eliminate the reward of pursuing more rigorous courses.  

In the current system, 9-12 grade students are rewarded with weight toward their GPA by taking Honors or AP classes.  In many cases, students can attain a weighted GPA of well over 4.0.  Such achievements create an incentive for students to push for more challenging courses and truly take control of their educations.  

However, those in power want to do away with this.  Their main assertion is that because of grade weighting, students bear undue stress regarding academic achievement.  Not only is does this statement completely lack support, but their proposal to remove weighting will have an inverse effect.  Right now, if a student earns a B in an AP course, his/her GPA is not irreversibly damaged.  However in an unweighted system, a B in any course will drop a student's GPA below 4.0.  I don't think I need to detail what will happen to stress levels once students realize this.  

If you have managed to read this far, I applaud you for taking an interest in what is happening around you.  If you agree that academic success should be rewarded, not punished, I urge you to sign this petition.  Together, we can maintain a sound learning environment for ourselves and those who will follow us.


Nick Marcenelle Perez



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