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Change the Norte Vista High School Mascot.

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Hello. We are fellow students at Norte Vista High School in Riverside, California whom demand change in our schools representations. Our school mascot is a Native American but it is known as a ‘Brave’ on campus. Many students have taken a note and find it to be extremely racist and find ‘Brave’ as a racial slur. A student happened to report how offended they were by our mascot, but our school still decided to be known as “NoVi Braves” and not make an effort to change. The school shelved the mascot and had decided it to no longer be worn by student’s or faculty. This shows the school knows how racist the mascot is but continue to avoid the issue. By having a Native American as a mascot is simply not appropriate or respecting Native Americans especially in a school predominantly with students of Hispanic culture. Having a Native American as our school mascot perpetuates stereotypes surrounding natives, as well as created caricatures about Natives in the minds of impressionable students. Most concerning in considering negative stereotypes of Native people, are the alarmingly high rates of hate crimes against Native people. According to Department of Justice analysis, “American Indians are more likely than people of other races to experience violence at the hands of someone of a different race” But also talk about how we can get educated through our history of the America’s. stop representing our school with native Americans who are misperptuated by sports teams and school across the country. A possible mascot that is popular between some students is the Bears which is the opposite of one our school rivals known as the “Trojans”. We demand change and hope we can make a difference. 

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