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Kristel Porter
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After reviewing the Neighborhoods 2020 Framework Recommendations, and discussing its implications, the Northside Neighborhood Council (NNC) requests the City Council do not approve the framework as it is currently drafted. We ask the following actions be taken in order to receive our full support:

1. The current NCR Recommendations were prepared in stark contrast to the true IAP2 Principles of Community Engagement as adopted by the City of Minneapolis. We are asking to slow the approval process down until a system and structure is established that decentralizes NCR and recenters NO’s, cultural groups, and community members. This will provide for an authentic and robust engagement process.

2. Create an NCR elected (not appointed) advisory board made up of NO’s staff, board members, and residents re: establishing the community’s voice and power. The NCR Recommendation not only goes against the Work Group #2 proposals, but reverses threcommendation against including City staff on the commission. This experience has shown the NO’s that some structure of oversight is needed to ensure that the wishes of the citizens are honored.

3. NO’s would like to see NCR goals and the achievements in response to those goals at the leadership level as well as staff level.

4. With grave concern about the leadership at NCR, we request the deconstruction of high level staff to ensure that the culture of NCR would transform into the support department NO’s and Cultural Communities need for meaningful success. It is exceedingly difficult for residents and volunteers to follow a convoluted and ever-changing process where NCR seems to “change the rules of the game as well as the location of the goalpost.”

5. In addition to the Biko report, which we are unclear where and how the results were implemented, the NNC requires an evaluation and audit of NCR. We request that NO’s, or an unbiased third party, receive the right to choose the Auditor and the results be evaluated by City Council, specifically that the service delivery and effectiveness to customers (residents and taxpayers) of the NCR needs to be evaluated.

6. The City of Minneapolis, NCR specifically in regards to this framework, needs to move away from Community Engagement which is transactional, to Authentic Community partnerships and Co-Creation which is transformational. Intentionally acknowledging the power that communities have while building policies and programs that affect them will aid in rebuilding trust and support.

7. Request confirmation that Neighborhood and Cultural groups are adequately funded for programs and staffing. See the NCEC “Recalculating Neighborhoods 2020” reports for funding recommendations, including access to the City’s capital budget.

The NNC believes in building healthy and strong relationships with the City and other governmental and non governmental agencies for the betterment of people who call Minneapolis home. It is with that desire that we address these concerns and inconsistencies.

Centering peace, community, and equity -

The Northside Neighborhood Council (NNC)