Don't Cancel Our Senior Prom

Don't Cancel Our Senior Prom

April 2, 2020
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Norris High School Principal Nate Seggerman and 7 others
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Started by Anonymous Titan

With school canceled until May 31, us seniors have already missed out on nearly all of our final high school experiences. We just ask that we at least get our senior prom. Many of us have already invested in expensive dresses and reservations, and senior prom is one of the most monumental milestones of anyone's high school career. Because we cannot hold prom on the regularly scheduled date, we ask that instead of prom being canceled, the possibility of holding prom during the summer months be explored. 


This petition made change with 294 supporters!

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Decision Makers

  • Nate SeggermanNorris High School Principal
  • Dr. Brian MaschmannNorris Assistant Superintendent
  • Jim KrugerNorris School Board--Ward 1
  • Patty BentzingerNorris School Board--Ward 2
  • Jim DevineNorris School Board--Ward 3