Current D80 School Board should postpone the hiring of a superintendent

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On Tuesday, February 19, 2019 the current superintendent (Paul O'Malley) of Norridge District 80 (Giles & Leigh Schools) will officially be handing in his resignation. He accepted a new job in a new school district starting July 1st.  As a concerned parent and resident of this community, I feel that the board needs to hear our voices, we are the people who trusted them and elected them into the seats they hold on this school board.  This district has been on a rollercoaster over the last several years, which is why I do not believe the choice of our next superintendent is something that should be rushed or taken lightly. There is an election on April 2nd, which will determine 5 of the 7 seats on the board.  Obviously, no one knows who will be elected, but with that many seats there will be change on the board.  That is why I believe it should be up to those 7 people to determine who the next District 80 superintendent shall be.

Our community needs to speak up for our children. They deserve the best education possible and we as a community need to strive for good schools in order to keep our neighborhood strong and desirable to live in. We need an experienced, qualified superintendent, that will lead the district to success and work well with  other administration, teachers, and the school board.

I understand this is not a legal document, the board has the right to decide what to do. It is merely a representation of how the community truly feels, although they may not be able to attend board meetings to say it in person.  

So I am asking the people who live within the District 80 borders, to please sign and share this petition..... 

We, the people who reside in or are employed by Norridge District 80, would like the Board of Education to wait until after this April 2, 2019 election and the new board is in place, before hiring, or permanently promoting from within, a new superintendent.