Bring the Toyota Yaris GRMN to Canada and US Markets!

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When will the Canadian and United States markets see parody with the European and Australian Markets? We see such brilliant Toyota Vehicles pass up on our markets year after year. In the case of this Petition, we the Consumers of Canada and The United States hereby ask that you bring to our market the Toyota Yaris GRMN.

The solution is quite simple, as we already have various Yaris models made in a Left Hand Drive configuration, adding the 1.8L supercharged power-plant and mated manual transmission should not be to difficult if produced in North American Toyota Plants.

Personal story
I, Robert Somerville have started this petition as a result of watching the Toyota models that inspire younger car customers, and in my case the "Hot Hatch" lovers, dwindle away from our Market. The North American market is saturated with SUV, and cross over vehicles, these vehicles come with hefty price tags, and lack fun for the dollar. Within financial reach, and with it's compact sports car nature, I am certain that the beautiful Yaris GRMN would be a huge success in North America. I have owned a Toyota Yaris 2 door Hatch Back RS edition since 2008, it has been the most fun car to drive, and continues to exceed my expectations for a small hatchback. This model, as have all the Yaris models to date have suffered from low horse power output, and low torque numbers. I, and my fellow petitioners believe now is the time to bring a small "Hot" Hatchback to North America. Bring those who truly enjoy the Yaris' superior handling, comfort, and styling with the missing piece: a tuned GRMN 1.8L engine, transmission, and suspension. On behalf of myself and many Yaris Enthusiasts, we politely ask for the Toyota Yaris GRMN to be accessible for purchase in both Canada and The United States of America. Thank you for your Time.