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Help stop our daughter being adopted!!

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UPDATE!! On the 14th of November I received a letter from the LA stating they are taking me to court in order to gag me from campaigning further!! So please share and get as many people to sign as possible before my family’s time runs out! We are in court on the 27th November at London's High Courts on The Strand!! 


On 15th August my daughter was stolen by Norfolk Social Services! I have decided I am going to take this to 10 Downing Street!! But I need your help!! Please sign and share to help put my family back together!! 

 What they have done is wrong, unlawful and unjust!! They have lied, cheated and mislead!! They must pay for their actions and be brought to justice!! 

Hi I'm Tom. I'm 22 years old and I have suffered at the hands of the corrupt service that is Social Services. I am writing this not only to allow people to be prepared for their tricks and tactics but because they are trying to place in Injunction on me to prevent me from continuing my campaign to fight for my daughter.

My daughter was born in late September 2013 at 19.59 and weighed 6.13lb! I was in tears for the rest of the night, tears of joy and fear. This is because of a Social Worker named Sarah Nixon from Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Before my angel was even born she was placed on the At Risk register because of a number of issues including the fact that both my partner and I history with mental health issues.

They stopped me from working stated that I would be my daughter’s main career and even wrote a letter for me to take to the DWP to support this. Within it they stated that I had undergone an assessment. No such assessment took place.

Even up until the day she was born Social Services had not yet decided what they were going to do. Allow us to take her home or take her from us. My partner had to remain in hospital for longer than necessary because My daughter’s was born on a Friday and Social Workers don't work weekends and it wasn't until the following Monday the Social Worker arranged our discharge meeting. From there we went home.

Following this we had Midwives and Home Based Support Workers coming into our home twice a day for nearly 3 weeks. That then dropped to just HBSW (Home Based Support Workers) coming just once or twice day. They would just wander around our home, look through our things and come and go when it suited them. The visits lasted from just 15 minutes to an hour. This in itself caused stress for me and my family because they 'insisted' on seeing my daughter and sometimes she would be asleep and they would wake her. When I questioned this I was given a speech on 'It's our job'.

As the weeks turned into months we slowly began to really shine as a family unit. My beautiful little girl was growing, learning and becoming a cheeky little madam by the day. But this was not to last.

They started asking me and my partner to attend 'Groups' to help us become better Parents. Great stuff I thought, but was soon proved wrong. The groups were basically another way for them to 'watch' us. The 'Fathers Group' I was asked to attend only had one child. My little girl. No other children just 'Dads' sitting around talking about the partners. I learnt nothing. I questioned this and was again given some story about how it will help my little girl. I didn't see how. Then they 'made' me go to counselling to help me with my mental health issues. So I go. I sit in a room with someone that took a 3 day course and just spoke. How did it help? I didn't. Again I questioned this and was given a choice go or we take your little girl. They then decided that I should be on medication. But hold on .Are you a doctor? Are you a pharmacist? Nope! But still I went onto medication even though it was been proven in the past that my body doesn't react well to medication.

And the 'fight' between me and Social Workers continued. So they decided to issue a Letter before Action on 08/10/2013. I employed the services of a family solicitor and following this meeting a number of 'Agreement’s' were made between my family and SS. These points included that both myself and my partner will continue to attend groups and also fully engage with HBSW. They also included that the SW is to visit once a week which never happened.


Moving forward in time, due to the stress and impact that social services have had on my relationship with my daughter’s mum we decided to separate. It was on 15/04/2014 SS decide to put my little girl and her mum into a residential assessment unit. Effectively ripping my family apart. During this time they ‘limit’ my contact with MeMe and state ‘It must be supervised’. I am therefore allowed contact with my little girl twice a week for four hours at a time. I also return to work in a self-employed position. It is about 3-4 weeks later the little girl’s mum and I reconcile in our relationship and decide to give it another go after a short break and time to clear our heads.

21/05/2014 I enter the assessment unit to be with my little girl and her mum. This unfortunately only lasts seven days. I chose to leave because not only did they restrict my working hours but also the amount of time I could have out on days I was not working. Being self-employed this had a major impact on my earnings as well as my mental health. Being kept in a building for 22 hours of the day (on my days I wasn’t allowed to work) is not a good thing. After I left the ‘unit’ I was then stopped from seeing my daughter.


Moving further on to the 30/05/2014 I receive a phone call whilst at work from my solicitor stating that I am due in court that day to fight to keep my daughter at home. I rush around and manage to attend court. SS are able to place an ICO upon My little girl. Contact is also allowed with my little girl so I can see her twice a week for an hour and a half in a contact centre.

We then return to court on 22/06/2014 during which ended in my little girl and her mum returning home with me. This was against the wishes of SS and the guardian. And once again an agreement is put in place which is pretty much the same as before and again social worker fails on the most part to hold up her end.


But here is where things really start to turn nasty. On 05/07/2014 I receive a phone call from the SW telling me there is a meeting that day, the same day and time as my first therapy session which she arranged for me. I attended the meeting with the SW instead of my therapy session (in hindsight this was a mistake). During this meeting I find out on the day before that my little girl’s court appointed guardian has sent the matter back to court for ‘Breach of Written Agreement’ even though she was unable to prove this during court.


It was on the 15/08/2014 that the final blow came, after a week in court; they removed my little girl from out care, using nothing but lies and perjury to do so. They took her the same day from her day care. Not asking whether she is on any medication, has any dietary or requires special attention of any reason. We did not get to see her until the following Monday at a contact centre. When she arrived she had a number of scratches, bruises and marks over her body. When asked to explain the foster carer stated she was playing. This happened on three separate occasions. On the third I requested a social worker attended to explain what would be done. They refused to comment and threatened to call the police if I didn’t leave. So to save my angel from the stress I agreed to leave under the condition an investigation was launched. This never happened.


We last saw our angel on 24/09/2014. Since then following myself sending an e-mail the SW agreed to give I fortnightly updates. I have received one.



My fight for my daughter continues and will not stop until she is where she belongs. With her loving family.         


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