Norfolk School Board- We demand a plan!

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Last night the Norfolk Public School Board delayed their vote on a plan on how and when to return to in-person learning, after delaying for nearly six weeks. This is a decision that must be made NOW so families can make plans for our lives and our children. 

We the stakeholders in Norfolk Public schools: parents, students, teachers, and administrators DEMAND a vote on a plan NOW. 

Enough is enough, schools all over the country and our region have a plan. This is not an impossible task. Those schools have had a plan since the beginning of the school year and our school board’s dysfunction has paralyzed them. As a community we have filled out surveys, emailed our representatives and submitted public comments, our health department has provided extensive metrics and we have metrics to lean on from the CDC and VDH.  This decision has to be made NOW. Without a plan the school board members are failing every single person in this community and it is a dereliction of their duty and oath.