Stop 5G deployment in Norfolk

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5G is dangerous. It may be an inconvenient truth, but the harm to humans, animals and plants has already been documented by hundreds of scientists around the world. The industry and Government purport that 5G is safe. It is not. The Government uses the ICNIRP guidelines to justify its position, but these guidelines are now understood to be outdated and inadequate and there are many scientific studies which demonstrate that EMFs lower than 5G frequencies cause harm to humans. The waves of 5G travel faster and are exponentially stronger than previous telecommunications technology. The implementation of 5G also requires antennae at a far higher density than previously, putting us all, unavoidably, in much closer proximity to dangerously strong microwave radiation. 

Flying in the face of public opposition and scientifically supported evidence, 5G is being rolled out across many areas of the UK. We, the residents of Norfolk, object to the unilateral imposition of at best insufficiently tested and at worst potentially devastating technology, in the absence of sufficient consultation and without the public having the option to opt out of a pervasive and inescapable danger. As history sadly illustrates, there are multiple examples of the public having been assured of their safety (DDT, thalidomide, mercury, lead paint, glyphosate, tobacco and asbestos) only for the eventual truth to be quite the opposite. 

5G is widely opposed globally and has been halted in various European countries and cities, including those within the UK. Given the documented detrimental effects on the natural world as well as to human health, we request that you adopt the Treaty of the European Union’s “Precautionary Principle” as defined by the European Environment Agency as “in situations of scientific complexity, uncertainty and avoid, or reduce potentially serious or irreversible threats to health or the environment.” Further, the Health and Social Care Act 2012 states that the Secretary of State’s duty as to protection of public health includes “the protection of the public from ionising or non-ionising radiation” and that “each local authority must take such steps as it considers appropriate for improving the health of people in its area.” Permitting or facilitating the introduction of 5G in Norfolk could be considered a dereliction of your statutory duty. 

We do NOT consent to the introduction of 5G in Norfolk and the consequent increase in radiation exposure. We respectfully suggest that you verify your public liability insurance (given that some of the major insurance underwriters will not cover 5G and consider it a “high impact liability”) and hereby give notice that we may hold all and any persons instrumental in the deployment of 5G within Norfolk individually responsible for all and any liabilities arising in connection with the introduction of 5G within the county of Norfolk. Please act now, in the interests of yourselves and us all, particularly the children of this county, who are far more susceptible to the effects of radiation than adults.