Speed calming measure

Speed calming measure

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Jay Owen started this petition to Norfolk County Council

Hi everyone, my name is Jay and I have lived in Gayton since March 2020. There are so many reasons why I love Gayton village but the main reason is the Community, always there supporting each other when others are in need. Today I am in need and would really appreciate your support if you believe in my cause. 

Since moving to Gayton I have noticed that speeding is a huge occurring problem all throughout the village. I do not believe that residents of Gayton are doing this but people travelling to work etc that choose to pass through. I have been following a few groups and have researched back a couple of years and can see this is something that Gayton residents have complained about quite a few times. I work shifts so am home at different hours of the day and can tell you all, speeding is occurring most of the day and is absolutely shocking at night! This is why I am starting this petition.

I know many of you in Gayton love and have many pets, I am also a pet owner. I had two beautiful cats Narla and Loki and now unfortunately only have Narla.

Me and my partner rescued Loki and Narla in June last year from a local sanctuary and they had both just turned one this June. When they were 10 months they were both so excited to explore the garden and would spend hours out there. Me and Steven decided to let them be free to come and go through the cat flap as they pleased but we're so very anxious of the dangers it brings. Our back garden leads to Winch Road where I feel speeding is at its worst. I would make sure I kissed them several times and told them to be safe every night before I went to bed to reassure myself more than anything. A couple of days had gone by with the same routine which made it gradually abit easier to let them go. I hadn't slept properly since the first time I let them out, I would wake up at 2, 3 in the morning to go check on them and they would come running inside. On the 20th June I didn't wake up and I didn't check on them which haunts me every day. I was woke up on Monday 21st June by a phone call. A man had said "I'm sorry, it is not good news I have found your cat."

My heart sank straight away, I rushed out of bed, opened my front door to find a man holding my loki bear, who had passed away. This is so hard to write as it brings it all back. My partner took loki as I could not look at him. After hours of crying, fainting and being sick I had to go and see him.

Loki was found on Winch Road just across the street from our fence. Loki was hit by a vehicle with extreme impact and force. His injuries were horrific. Winch Road is 30mph and there is no way this vehicle was doing that. This vehicle was speeding, not just 5 or 10mph over the limit they had to of been going near 50mph or above we think.

This is why I believe a speed calming measure needs to be put in place down Winch Road from both entrances. From Lynn Road and as you enter the village from Gayton Road.

Those of you who have pets and those of you who have lost pets will know how I am feeling. I am angry and grieving. I have never felt grief like this. It is now two weeks on and is still as fresh as the day it happened. What's so hard is that we still have to listen to people speeding up and down Winch Road and when I look out of my bedroom window I can see where loki would have been laying all night whilst I was asleep. Everytime I hear someone speeding my heart breaks all over again. Narla has lost her brother and is grieving for him to, they were inseparable. Loki was not just My 'cat' he was my friend and companion and he made me so happy. All me and Steven have ever wanted was our own home and to give two rescue cats a home. Loki and narla were our family and part of this new journey we have started. He was just one and has been taken from us and now our family is broken. 

Many of you know the new school is being built down Springvale with the only entrance and exit being Winch Road which I feel will bring hazards. I believe now more than ever this is a vital time for our local council to consider Gaytons past and present speeding complaints. I do not want anyone else to have to suffer and feel loss like we have, I feel we need to protect our animals, wildlife and our children from speeding and road accidents in our village.

Speeding effects all who live in Gayton, not just people who live on or near Winch Road. We need to stop this from happening come together as a community and protect our village, people and animals. 

If we get enough signatures and support I will take the petition to the local council and authorities to show them we want and need change. I really hope you support me in this and can see the need for a speed calming measure on Winch Road.

I appreciate your time for reading this.

Jay and Steven. 

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At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!