Crostwick Lane/North Walsham Road, Spixworth

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Martina Dooley
1 month ago
Please sign these petitions for me if you have time. Thank you. :)

Supermarkets to stock more low carb / keto / diabetic foods.

Encourage low carb eating for health in light of new evidence re covid, cater for low carb

Identify the Dangers of Rapeseed Oil as a Major Allergen

Justice for Dog On Short Chain Made To Stand On Back Legs All Day – Cries In The Heat

Stop getting rid of gluten free products for veganuary

Sustainable Milk alternatives for all primary school children

Fairer prices for gluten free foods

Keto friendly products availability in local stores

Keto goods at reasonable prices in uk stores

Bring back Windows 95 start-up sound

Carbohydrate Count on Restaurant Menus

Lidl to return Protein Rolls to their bakery department

Low carb lifestyle to improve health of population to cope with coronavirus pandemic

Provide Carbohydrate Counting & Weigh Type 1 Diabetics food in schools & care settings

Make carbohydrate content mandatory on all food packaging immediately

Add warning labels on products with xylitol

Grapevine Sponsorship for 1bigimpact


Diversity for diet restricted guests

Food labels that make sense

Bring back Monster Ultra Red

We want sugar-free Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks!

Bring Back Starbucks Sugar-Free Cinnamon Dolce Syrup!

Change Diabetes T1/T2 Name

Eat Tissues

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Nick Beardmore
Sep 20, 2021
I live on old catton a travel to Coltishall very regularly and this site is a major accident ! Waiting to happen!

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stuart tulloch
Sep 16, 2021
Always been a dangerous junction. A roundabout, preferably with a crossing, will make on foot and cycle access better.

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Lea Harber
Sep 15, 2021
This junction has always felt like you're dicing with death trying to turn right out of crostwick lane, lights or a round about are so long overdue

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kevin mace
Sep 14, 2021
I use this junction when out cycling and it's very dangerous

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Laura Webb
Sep 14, 2021
There are so many accidents at this junction. Very dangerous.

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Rachel Budd
Sep 14, 2021
This is an absolutely notoriously dangerous stretch of road.
Since I’ve lived here I’ve lost count of the amount of accidents.
This needs urgent action taken , not a few years down the line!!!

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Molly Gladden
Sep 14, 2021
I live local

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Jason Coward
Sep 14, 2021
Only yesterday I was behind a van and a slow moving construction machine that was towing a lorry when we were all over taken by a BMW. This driver had crossed over to the opposite carriageway and found themselves unable to get back onto the correct side before the double solid white lines. A motor cycle (who was easily within the right) had also pulled out from the side junction and had to take evasive action from this moron. How many near misses also go unreported?

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Geoff White
Sep 14, 2021
Turning right onto N Walsham road is just to dangerous .