Reverse NCC’s illegal charge to dispose of domestic waste at re-cycling centres in Norfolk

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Norfolk County Council has implemented a policy based on a loop hole in legislation.

They are stating that DIY refuse is not classed a domestic waste and ‘we should make contingencies within our budget to pay for the disposal’. They state ‘The change is expected to save the authority approximately £280,000 a year and this will be used to offset the cost of waste disposal from household 
recycling centres which totalled £7.5m last year.’

However what is not being acknowledged by NCC is if managed correctly how much money they can make from our waste!

They say that wooden doors kitchen cupboards, decking etc is part of that cost! Why?

Why is not sent to furnaces that burn this waste to cleanly generate electricity?

Rubble and Hard core, why is that sold on to use within the building trade to fill holes in the ground that was once a working area to remove a recourse and now needs filling?

These are just a few examples of how money can be made IF managed correctly and not a political decision for a quick fix before an election is due!!

We as the Community of Norfolk need to think long term because the likelihood of this Council being re-elected making decisions like this are small, we need to protect our beautiful County from people Fly tipping because they cannot afford that ‘extra cost’ to dispose of something that may have fallen into disrepair because they don’t have the money to repair it!

The Norfolk County Council need to reverse this now and we need to apply the pressure so they do.

Please sign this and share this and let’s get this changed!