Make Norfolk, Virginia a 2nd Ammendment Sanctuary City

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01 January 2020 the Democrats will take control of the Virginia House of Delegates, the Virginia State Senate, and the Governorship. Governor Northam along with the Democratic members of the government plan on introducing a series of bills constricting our Second Amendment rights. 

Some of the bills being introduced include banning “Assault weapons”, high capacity magazines, and suppressors. Among others include universal background checks for ANY transfer of firearms, red flag laws, and limiting the amount of firearms you can purchase in a month. 

This is a huge violation of our Second Amendment rights. Wherein it states that “The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”

I believe it is time to petition the Norfolk City Council to pass a resolution making Norfolk, Virginia a Second Amendment Sanctuary City. 

If these bills pass and become laws in Virginia it will automatically make otherwise law abiding citizens instant felons. 

Norfolk, Virginia  is home to over 100,000 Active military members and each year roughly 12,000 either EAS, ETS or Retire from the military. How many of them will become instant felons because they own certain firearms. 

Please Help and compel Norfolk's Mayor and Norfolk City Council make Norfolk, Virginia a Second Amendment Sanctuary City. Thank you.

All the best and Very Respectfully,

Eric J. Hovik