Petition Update

Thank you Neighborhood Associations and Everyone

Escola de Samba, Casa Samba

May 18, 2013 — We would like to thank everyone for signing and sending on to people you know. A big thank you to the neighborhood associations for forwarding our petition. This petition helps us to show the decision makers how important the Annunciation Square Center is to the community and our CHILDREN.

Today we took a walk through our neighborhood to speak to those that live there and let them know. We are excited to say that the support we received was very poisitve and after a few hours we gained nearly 300 more signatures on paper.

The local merchants are also assisting us in gathering signatures by posting our flyer in their shops.

I do not think that NORD realized just how important this center is to the community and children. We are looking forward to meeting with NORD next week to show them all of the support for the programs located in this neighborhood and work together with them to find a better solution.

Please keep the signatures coming, signatures are powerful in change.