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Petition to remove section 2d from the Winamac Indiana golf cart ordinance

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Ordinance 2d of the Town of Winamac, Indiana 'An Ordinance Regulating Golf Carts' states that:

"No children under 48 lbs. that require a child safety restraint seat are permitted to ride on a motorized cart"

The language contained in this portion of the ordinance is unnecessarily vague and burdensome to parents who would otherwise seek to ride unencumbered, with their child, using motorized carts around the town of Winamac, Indiana in compliance with the remaining articles in the ordinance. 

The maximum speed of these vehicles is governed to be 18 mph and does not necessarily represent a greater hazard to children under 48 lbs than motorized vehicles operated by parents and families outside the zoned borders of the town.

Furthermore, a recent study in Horry County South Carolina addressed the safety concerns of the more than 31,000 golf carts registered and used by residents and patrons for recreational use over a 32 month period.  Over this period of time, 75 trauma incidents involving the use of motorized carts in public Horry County roadways were reported by Grand Strand Medical Center (Level II trauma center hospital in Horry County). 40% of the incidents involved alcohol intoxication and just 27% of the incidents involved riders under the age of 17. No data were available on the injuries sustained by children and individuals under the weight of 48 lbs. These data are published in the peer reviewed journal 'The American Surgeon' Jan. 2016, pg. E36-E37. 

The solution for this issue is for the ordinance to be updated to include the following language. "Parents or guardians assume all liabilities associated with an injury sustained by a child occupant under the weight of 48 lbs. during the operation of a motorized cart on public roadways in the Town of Winamac"

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