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Feather River/Sacramento River Sediment Management Issues after Oroville Spillway Failure

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Feather River has received heavy flows again this past season. There has been five other year events like it in the past 60 years. This years irresponsible water flow drops by DWR in less than a 24 hr period caused accelerated bank erosion, higher turbity, millions of cubic yards of sand and silt to shift and deposit in lower Feather channel. 2017 event caused 20-25 years of sediment deposits. We currently have a river that is unnavigable since 10-16-17. average inboard jetboats normally can access this river year round but that has changed! We have identified 33 hot spots (sediment deposits) to clean up first, but DWR needs to approve! We need to clean up all the sand! Please join our fight at NCGASA.org and sign this petition to get our rivers cleaned out!  Most these sediment areas can only be seen by plane or airboat which we have given plenty of tours to all local and state government officials! All of this is costing our non profit thousands of dollars!

The Sacramento river is also facing some 52 sediment areas identified from Verona to Red Bluff, these are from high water flows and lower velocities in bottom of system! Some these sediment areas are more concentrated in sections of river! ONot a few are accessible by boat or maybe small barges! 

Since we built these Northern CA dams in 50’s and 60’s we have changed Mother nature’s course and we must help Mother Nature clearing out the sediment.  Our setback Levees block the river from depositing these sediments into the floodplain so they remain in the channel. We have had numerous boating accidents and our local police and fire departments can’t launch boats either. We need your help!