Barricade - 81 to 83 Eumundi - Noosa Rd, to protect the residence from car collisions.

Barricade - 81 to 83 Eumundi - Noosa Rd, to protect the residence from car collisions.

9 October 2019
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Started by Tyson McEwen

Hi Noosa Council, 

We are the friends and families that have been continually impacted by road vehicle accidents out the front of 81 & 83 Eumundi - Noosa Rd.

This petition seeks to be presented to the whole of the Noosa Council.

There have been 5 separate incidences of vehicle accidents over the past 5 yrs, occurring between the times of 9 pm and 5 am. Three have been recorded formally with the Police, which involved large amounts of damage to resident's parked vehicles of 83 Eumundi - Noosa Rd. 

The past 3 incidences have involved damage to a total of 9 vehicles (owned by the residence and an estimated cost of over $100 000), with out of pocket costs for insurance premiums and loses in insurance payouts being estimated at over $10 000 along with the inconvenience of not having vehicles. With the latest one being early morning on the 10th of October 2019, with damage to 3 residence vehicles, 2 of which are no longer driveable. 

The road has been designed for traffic at 60km/h, one of the recorded incidences was at the speed limit under wet conditions, the rest of the above have occurred at speeds higher than 60km/h. 

We know that if we do not park the vehicles out the front of 83 Eumundi - Noosa Rd, then there may be a possibility that an out of control vehicle would enter the property and crash into the house causing injury to the residents. This has been supported by the Noosa Police, as they believe this would occur due to the nature of the crashes if the vehicle weren't acting as a barricade. Obviously, the residents of 81 Eumundi - Noosa Rd are concerned about this occurring also. 

We would like for a barricade to be erected along the front of 81 & 83 Eumundi - Noosa Rd (with vehicle access to driveways). This would give the out of control vehicles something to hit vs our cars, therefore protecting the sleeping residents of the above properties. 

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Heather Sullivan, 0433 028 110,


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Signatures: 41Next goal: 50
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