Dismiss LIFE sentence of NON-violent inmate Michael Christopher Blocker

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Ever aware of his surprise life sentencing, Michael Christopher Blocker has toiled over a decade to build a life of meaning and service despite the unlawful guilty plea that his public defender had him to sign without presenting him with a duplicate copy of the document prior to sentencing.

Michael has toiled over a decade to understand how his G.E.D, his pleasant demeanor, and his American dream of achieving Prosperity has cost him the loss of both of his loving, law-abiding parents.

Michael has toiled over a decade to live a life of gratitude, kindness, and Faith while filing petition after petition supporting that he is a non-violent offender who while under medication and duress was sentenced to life for crimes in which he did not commit.

In 2017, Michael began writing a fictional book to expose the world to his ability to entertain and intrigue on a global level.

Michael's surviving family, extended family, and friends both near and far, continuously pray for his safety and sanity while he is confined to a Maximum Security Prison setting although he has been a low security risk for over a decade.

A recent 2017 Georgia prison escape of inmates: Ricky Dubose and Donnie Rowe who both had excessive sentencing surrounding repeat robbery offenses, resulted in creating desperation for freedom by the inmates  and the compromise of the safety of the Georgia correctional staff.

Michael's faith (being Jehovah Witness) and his proper home etiquette instilled in him from birth has always prevented him from reckless acts of violence.  Michael Christopher Blocker filed a motion for a dismissal of the grand jury indictment in June 2018.  His due process and trial by jury was interrupted on his third day of trial.  This is a violation of his constitutional rights surrounding a phony capital felony case. A nolo contendere plea for a captial felony case is AGAINST the law. Daniel J. Craig and Ashley Wright were appointed promotions by Governor Sonny Perdue two days after stealing a trial by jury.

Please kindly vote and share this campaign to free Michael Christopher  Blocker from false imprisonment.  Thank you.