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Stop toxic lawn care in Naperville

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SIGN and SHARE this petition to ask Naperville lawmakers to put the health of our families ahead of the grass.  (Due to technical difficulty many signatures don't show up yet, we are trying to fix the problem, thank you for all your support)

Families especially kids should have the right to clean air and clean water in our city. We ask lawmakers to protect us from exposure to toxic cosmetic lawn pesticides!
What are Lawn Care Pesticides? They are poisons registered by the U.S. E.P.A., designed to broadly kill living things, weeds and insects to make the grass look unnaturally perfect!

Ivine,CA an none toxic city, Takoma Park, Washington D.C. and so many other towns in the USA and Canada have already passed laws to protect the public's health by reducing exposure to harmful cosmetic lawn pesticides.  

Its proven that lawn pesticides do not stay on its target. These chemicals stay on the grass as long as 6 month and can contaminate. These chemicals pose as toxic nuisances to neighbors, communities, and the environment.  They drift, pollute our common air, run-off into our waterways and drinking water source, and track into our homes on our shoes and clothing,where they can impact our health. Even if you choose not to use them on your own lawn, you are still exposed to their effects. Pets and wildlife are also vulnerable to exposure and harm from these chemicals.

 Serious human health risks even confirmed by the WHO a few weeks ago, from lawn pesticide exposure include cancers, asthma, reproductive and hormone problems, neurological effects including learning disabilities, birth defects, ADHA and Parkinson's Disease.  Acute exposure can cause flu like symptoms, headaches, fatigue, slow pulse, nausea, diarrhea and depression.  Pregnant women, infants and children, the aged, and the chronically ill are particularly vulnerable.  

In 2017, properties can be maintained to have beautiful lawns and landscaping without the use of harmful pesticides.  Healthy alternative products and cost effective practices are now available. As simple as cutting your grass not to short 3 inch to shade weeds and overseed in fall. The park district, the city, landscaping and pesticide companies can easily shift to provide non-toxic organic products and services, as many American and Canadian companies in this field have already done.

Please Stop using harmful toxic lawn care Pesticides products 

We need Naperville to be the first city in Illinois by law to be fully free of all chemical lawn care products.

We are behind in this matter in comparison to the other countries, states and cities.

The WHO and OEHHA just confirmed the extreme dangerous of these  lawn care products and hopefully there will be action taken very soon. We know of dangerous like lead, asbestos, mercury, formaldehyde, etc and pesticides are part of this category since July 2017 they are added, a ban is needed.

A few months ago we started to be proactive due to a severe reaction and switched to non-toxic organic lawn care.  Believe it or not in 2017 there are effective and safe ways for a beautiful lawn.   Please help us accomplish a healthy environment for our families and kids.

Elizabeth Catherwood is working hard on making Naperville toxic-free with her petition and join her Face Book Group called Non-Toxic Naperville, but thats doesn`t seem to be enough so please we need everybody's support.

Below please find the information we wrote to the city of Naperville and our local sub-division board:

We moved to Naperville about one year ago.

We recently read an article about a study that's proven how extremely dangerous chemical lawn care products (fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, etc) are for kids and families, and did a lot research on it. We were shocked to find numerous scary health issues related to lawn care products (lawn care companies chemicals, round-up, weedand feed, etc) like kids development harm, ADHD, Autism, Cancers, Birth defects and so many more. We recently read that kids at a school got poisoned by lawn care chemicals!  How shocking is that?  Lawn care providers say it's safe what else should they say, that's how they make big money.

So we wrote a letter to the major of the city of Naperville asking about this issue (since many communities in the United States already prohibit the use of lawn care chemicals, also in Europe they are banned all together because of their dangers). The mayor responded back in a nice letter that Naperville is aware of the dangers of lawn care products, and are very proactive with posting in educating the community to inform families about non-toxic lawn care options to protect families and children.  He also mentioned that there are many great organic lawn care companies who are just as effective, and we should be proactive to write to our home owners association board to make all our neighbors aware as well.

There are thousands of articles which explain the dangers of lawn care chemicals. If somebody would like a specific articles please contact me.  I didn't want to make this about sending links of web pages, but more about the need to stop using this toxic lawn care products.

Take the Midwest Grows Green Pledge to go pesticide-free on your own lawn and by doing so reducing the negative health effects on humans, pets and wildlife

However this only works if neighbors work together since chemicals leak through the soil from neighbors yards and the toxic vapors get released into the air we breath.

Please make people and other neighborhoods aware of the dangers of toxic lawn care products. With the trend going toward "green home building" it would increase the value of our neighborhoods as well.
It would be great to make West Wind with May Watts Elementary school or even better Naperville eventually the first fully chemical free non toxic city / neighborhood to keep our kids, families and pets safe.

Many thanks

Miller Family

Below an illustration about the cycle of pesticides:



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