Non-Stop Direct Flight From Ahmedabad To Australia

Non-Stop Direct Flight From Ahmedabad To Australia

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Why this petition matters

Started by Navneet Mittal

Indian population is growing in Australia and according to a recent official finding , it will be touching the magical mark of ONE MILLION very soon which makes it one of the biggest migration success stories of recent times.

The above is reflected in the growing cooperation between Canberra and Delhi with recent announcement of a significant trade deal between the 2 countries incorporating changes in the relaxation of custom duties, providing Visa to backpackers and many such positive agreements to promote bilateral trade and ease of immigration rules for people fulfilling the necessary criteria in areas of shortages and current needs. This has been made possible with the dynamic vision of our Prime Minster Hon. Narendra Modi and the acknowledgment of similar need(s) and importance of such agreements by the Australian government under the guidance of Prime Minister of Australia Hon Scott Morrison.

These developments have been rightly picked up by the Airlines sector who are feeling the pulse of such initiatives and as a consequence have already started direct flights from few cities in India to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide.  Recently, Qantas, the Australian National Carrier has started direct flight to Bengaluru (BLR) which has been hugely welcomed by Indians living in Australia who have strong family connections in South India. This will encourage VFR (visiting friends and relative) passengers to travel easily between such cities more frequently to visit families and which would be reciprocal resulting in increased travel opportunities and guaranteed business for any operating airline introducing direct connections.

Recently , there has been a huge surge in the Indian diaspora coming from all parts of India, in particular of the Gujarati population in Australia. Currently there are not many flights which cater to this growing sector and most passengers have to depend majorly on Singapore Airlines to fly from Australia to Ahmedabad and there is a tremendous opportunity to plug this hole by any international carrier, most suitable for AI to capitalise on this lucrative sector. 

As a travel agent myself serving the Indian diaspora for the last 15 years, I have seen the pressure on this particular sector where flights very often get sold out months in advance. Comparatively, flights to Mumbai which are almost on a daily basis are available at cheaper price but on the other hand , it is very difficult to find seats to Ahmedabad and which are very expensive as well.

Air India – has now dropped same day connection to Ahmedabad. So, passenger have to stay overnight at Delhi airport both ways, which is a big inconvenience to passengers, and discouraging  especially to older parents / wheelchair bound passengers or family with small kids. Air India is already flying direct flight from London to Ahmedabad.

Emirates or other Middle East airline have long halt and flights are almost 14-15 hrs one way from Sydney to Dubai or Abu Dhabi and then long halt and again flight to Ahmedabad. 

As Air India is now part of TATA group, we request by this petition to start a direct flight from Ahmedabad to Sydney & Melbourne and in future to other cities in Australia. 

Direct flights will help parents as most of them are 1st time travellers and non-English speaking. They feel nervous when they come with other airlines where they have to change planes.

If Air India starts direct flights , it will undoubtedly increase the air traffic between these destinations and boost confidence amongst the passengers to travel more frequently . Many elderly parents coming for family reunions will surely benefit and feel comfortable travelling AI with some Gujarati speaking staff. As a travel Agent serving the Indian diaspora , I know it very well that food is also a very important consideration for Indians many of whom are vegetarians and can be a winner for AI who would have the added advantage of knowing and catering to the taste of Indian community. 

Tourism Sector will also be a big winner if there are more direct connections. Gujarat has so much to offer with places of national / historical importance with some very beautiful destinations.

Direct flights will open the gate to places like Kutch (famous Kuch Festival), Bhuj, Dwarka,  Gir National Park, famous temple of Somnath, Statue of Unity & More. Textile industry is very big in Surat, Kutch and other area which will also encourage shoppers and traders. 

Ahmedabad being centrally located, passengers from other cities like Vadodra, Bhavnagar, Jamnagar and many more can also fly from Ahmedabad.  This will avoid them going to Delhi or Mumbai.  Currently traveling is such a hassle to fly to different cities and then change airport and then wait long hours to connect flight to Australia.

There are lot of cities in Rajasthan like Udaipur, Jodhpur and small regional towns can also benefit from such initiatives . Visiting tourist can start their journey from Ahmedabad and then explore the golden triangle of Jaipur, Agra and Delhi.  It can be extremely beneficial to the local economies as well with the comfort and convenience of knowing that you can enter India via Ahmedabad and then fly out from Delhi after exploring the beautiful landscape of these two historical states.

Opportunities and benefits are endless. A small but significant step to a big bright future awaits with the timely decision which will also engrave a memorable experience for people to see and admire our rich heritage and culture !!

May I request people to sign this petition and we will forward to Air India Sydney Office and Minister of Tourism and Indian High Commission Canberra and also other major airlines.

Help us to bring much needed change.!!



2,318 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!