Get down the juvenile age and punish the minors equally as did in other countries.

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A girl named Shrinkhala Yadav resident of Bhilai (C.G), a very innocent girl has been dragged to death by a minor who was only 6 days less to become adult. Sir, since their is law under Juvenile Justice Act that it can punish minor depending on the severity  but I think thier is no use of it. The problem lie beneath the constitutional frames.

Case :: She was hammered by an axe from backside and was dragged 8o ft. by the culprit. Due to this her condition worsened. And she didn't survive. The boy who did was named as ISHANT THAKUR who brutually attempted to kill her. When after that caught him and he admitted that he only did (alone).

Sir the most strange thing happened was that he I.e ISHANT THAKUR have been given bail for such a stupid reason I.e for studying for board exams. If by doing such a heinious crime one could get bail then what msg will go to others. Infact people who are planning in future will also not worry for the consequence and this will continue and will invite more such shrinkhala and many others.

Sir, we are helpless right now and highly depending on the reply on this view. Pls do some help in order to give justice to her.