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NON-GMO: Label Genetically Modified Foods

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In light of Monsanto's recent victory over Proposition 37 in California, it is more imperative than ever to rally the public and fight for your right to know what is in your food.

You literally are what you eat.  Your body cyclically regenerates as often as a matter of days, with organs and new tissues being made from the food that you eat. Designed with pesticides inbred, genetically modified foods are mutating human cells at catastrophic levels, causing unprecedented levels of cancer, ADHD, asthma, infertility, and other food related epidemics.

Over 90% of corn and soy products are currently genetically modified. This is significant because these crops and their byproducts can be found in countless items on your grocery store shelves. These products are also fed to animals on feedlots, alongside antibiotics to account for the fact that herbivores cannot stay healthy long on this kind of diet. And neither can we. Unlabeled, you feed them to your family and yourself unaware, to what scientists are fearing might be an irreparable detriment. These foods pose no benefits to the public or to the environment. They do not increase food supply, they do not lower price.


As consumers, you vote for what you'd like to see in stores every time you place an item in your shopping cart. At least let the grocers know the liability and that we as a public are tired of being poisoned while fatting the wallets of Monsanto executives. Please watch this video for more information and say no to GMO.

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