Non aux pièges | STOP DE STROP | Ban the fox snare |

Pas plus cruauté envers les animaux | No more cruelty and suffering for animals | Geen lijden meer voor dieren in het wild |

We want to abolish the fox snare from Wallon legislation. The fox snare is prohibited by law in Flanders and the Netherlands. The fox snare is a cruel instrument that also victimizes badgers.

On thursday February 11 in 2010, a badger was found in a snare, located near Flemish and Wallonian nature reserves in Eben Emael, Belgium. He was so badly injured he died the next day. Snares are legal in Wallonie, French-speaking Belgium. They are used to catch foxes. But it's not just foxes that get caught, badgers also wind up as victims and they are a protected species. You can check the blog for a video, but be warned, some of its content is disturbing!

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  • Ministre de la Nature, de la Forêt et du Patrimoine
    Carlo di Antonio
  • Parlementaire du groupe ECOLO Province de Liège, circonscription de Liège
    Veronica Cremasco
  • Présidente Parlementaire du groupe PS Province de Liège, circonscription de Liège
    Isabelle Simonis
  • Vice-présidente Commission de la Nature etc
    Caroline Cassart-Mailleux (Parlementaire du groupe MR Province de Liège)
  • Membre effectif Commission de la Nature etc
    Christine Servaes (Parlementaire du groupe cdH Province de Liège, circonscription de Liège)

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