Norris Waste Management must vacate residential site on Shakespeare Road!

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Billy Gray
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A residential neighbourhood is no place for a waste management service.

The residents of Railton Road and Shakespeare Road have suffered long enough -- enduring loud lorries with banging chains, spewing pollution into the air and speeding along making their streets and their children unsafe. Repeatedly the water pipes have burst on the street under the weight of passing Norris lorries. We say no more.

We demand Norris Waste Management vacate the Shakespeare Road site and relocate to a non-residential area, and that Lambeth Council support us in this campaign. Norris does not have the support of the community and has to go. If we win, Brixton will be a safer, healthier, cleaner and happier neighbourhood for the thousands of diverse residents who walk, cycle and drive on its streets. 

The introduction of Lambeth's Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme for Brixton makes it even more important that Norris move sites -- as Brixton will never be a truly liveable neighbourhood until it isn't home to endless lorries carrying skips speeding up and down its residential streets. If Norris is allowed to stay on the Shakespeare Road site, or any residential site, Lambeth's Low Traffic Neighbourhood will never reach it's full potential.