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Nominate Guantanamo Prisoner Mohamedou Ould Slahi for the Nobel Prize 2016

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My name is Carmelo and I live in California. I am a writer, human rights activist and future social worker at USC's School of Social Work and yes I'm kind of getting a jump on the 2016 Nobel Prize Nominations for sure. 

To be a bit clearer about it, I didn't know who Mr. Mohamedou Ould Slahi was at all until I read his book: 'Guantanamo Diaries.'

It wasn't until soon right after reading his brilliant and heartbreaking book, that I'd gotten the idea to take further actions on his behalf as he really can't speak for himself very easily due to his being locked up in Gitmo for the past 13years.

So yes, obviously he cannot do this for himself so I would like to formally nominate Mr. Slahi for the Nobel Prize-in either Literature and or Peace for 2016 as I do believe that his life and work is as important and as reflective of either fields of study. 

In doing this I am hoping to give the fact of his being sexually molested, tortured, and then tormented while he's been a prisoner writing his "Guantanamo Diaries." It with a great elegance that his book humbly explains on how he has suffered via mistreatment via torture all under the umbrella of the US military's Camp Echo at Gitmo 'Detainment' Center in Cuba.

Taken from the Guantanamo Diaries

"More than 13 years after he was detained by the US, Mohamedou Ould Slahi remains locked up in Guantanamo, trapped within this horrific legal limbo. But his extraordinary account, handwritten over 466 pages from his single cell at Camp Echo in 2005, is finally being published after years of litigation — and more than 2,500 redactions by the US government. In an unprecedented collaboration, the Guardian and Canongate Books present the full declassified manuscript."


So in signing this petition both you and I will be saying to the whole world that both Mr. Slahi's own words and his lawyer's tireless actions were not in vain.

Perhaps then, if he is nominated for any part of this Nobel process, this might just help the case for his dismissal and or removal from Camp Echo. 

So, let us all tell the US government, the European Union, the CIA and all that have helped oppress Mr. Slahi that his pain and voice will no longer go on un-noticed in this world and that the US was wrong, and he was just another brown skinned man for whom fell victim to the scapegoating and constant Islamophobia that has helped fuel this "war against terror."  

For me, whether it be inside of Gitmo and or out in America: the treatment of the Arab people both at home and abroad has been subject some of the worst human rights violations since, the days of Selma and all of the Civil Rights Movement. 

Why do I care? Because I (to a degree) understand how it feels to be locked up and mislabeled from my younger and more mentally troubling days in which I was both physically restrained and then put in isolation myself, which I can attest to as being quite traumatic, let alone having to bear and or withstand over a decade of this treatment. 

l also started caring much more about both the safety and human rights of Arab people and Arab Americans all over the world soon after 9/11 had happened as after this horrible tragedy had taken place, one of my oldest, kindest most compassionate and best of friends for whom was Arab was attacked by a gang of White Power skinheads in Boston.

My friend "X" barely made it to the ER after being stabbed repeatedly with a knife all for uttering his "Arab sounding name" in front of the wrong, and yes all too violent of people. My old pal "Mr.X" survived and lives a happy life with a family, and life of joy, but I often think of those who did not have such luck. Let all of us as a people tell the world that being of Arab descent or a worshipper of Islam does not mean one should be targeted, tortured nor trapped in Gitmo for the next 40 years.

Thank you kindly for your time, help and effort regarding the recognition of such a reluctant author and activist that Mohamedou Ould Slahi has become.

Best of Wishes,

Carmelo Brian Valone 

 My Tweets: @carmelovalone 

Please sign and hashtag #freeslahi #slahinobelprize2016


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