Stop Nollywood's Ridiculous Medical/Hospital scenes.

Stop Nollywood's Ridiculous Medical/Hospital scenes.

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Nollywood and other local movie industries (Actor's Guild Nigeria)

Why this petition matters

Started by Halimat Siyaka

Imagine watching a medical scene in  Nollywood movies as a medical professional in Nigeria and seeing all the blunders and outright ignorance portrayed by the actors, it hurts to say the least. For example; Who gives ethanol 3mg to a cardiac arrest patient except in Nollywood movies?

Now, imagine watching these movies as a foreigner, what image does it portray of Nigerian medical practitioners?

It's about time we put an end to all these outright disregard for the profession. The producers of these movies need to do proper research from certified medical personnel about the role they wish to portray. 

Some blunders are so serious that it could end them in legal battles with the medical association if only we're in a serious country. 

Kindly lend your voice to stop misinformation about Nigerian medical professionals that has characterized Nollywood for centuries. This is 21st century, any misinformation could have devastating consequences. 

213 have signed. Let’s get to 500!