Nokia, don't kill my apps!

Nokia, don't kill my apps!

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Sravan Kumar
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Nokia kills background apps and processes more aggressively than its competitors. This includes alarms, tracking applications (sleep, sports), and applications that are allowed to run in the background.

Don't kill my app reported that this aggressive behaviour of Nokia phones is caused by a third party package (package: com.evenwell.powersaving.g3 or com.evenwell.emm on android go phones, name: Power saver) which is produced by a compay named Evenwell. This bundle kills any apps after 20 minutes even when they are allowed to run in the background, even whitelisted apps are force closed. This is the most aggressive and brutal way to save battery power.

The fix provided seems to work, but it is not for the consumers to work it out through the system's internals to fix a badly behaving app. A fix is requested from the company's side to stop this aggressive behaviour. Either change the behaviour of the evenwell power saving packages or stop using them. Android Pie already does a great job with the adaptive battery. We don't need a third party buggy package to stop the running processes on our phones.

For more information, read Background Service Killed even when whitelisted and Who is Nokia?