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Force Congo mines to improve work conditions and eliminate child labour

We all use cell phones and we all have an equal responsibility for the atrocities occurring in the Congo. Five MILLION people have died in the civil war there, primarily over the control and allocation of resources. People pay a toll to armed guards to work in abysmal conditions that lack even the most basic necessities like water. Children as young as 12 work up to 100 meters into the ground mining for the resources we all use in our cell phones. These only scratch the surface of the hell these people live in.

Nokia has been well known for their corporate and social responsibility in the past, but they will not take action on this crucial matter. For all the cell phones you will use in your life, please ask Nokia to take action in the Congo. If Nokia takes a stance, other cell phone manufacturers will have to follow to ensure ongoing positive public opinion. part of the solution and make our world a better place by signing this petition to make Nokia be the first to take responsibility for this ongoing violation of human rights.

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