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Noel Gallo, Newly Elected Council Member, District 5, Oakland, CA Yes to Public Safety Spending, FY 13-15


The following citizens of Oakland demand that you prioritize Oakland City Budget spending as follows:

#1 Increased staffing of OPD (officer and civilian) to pre-recession levels (800+) and preferably to levels recommended by Chiefs and national experts (900-1200), and continued funding of CHP patrols while Oakland has a shortage of its own Officers.  

That is our biggest priority as Oaklanders.

Increasing Public Safety should still be your main priority, as it was during your election campaign. 

#2 Any additional money should be spent on effective and functioning public services, including Libraries, Parks & Recreation, Road Repairs, Graffiti and Litter abatement, and other basic public services. 

#3 All this should be done in a fiscally sustainable manner that reduces Oakland debts and unfunded fiscal liabilities to PERS and other retirement funds. This is the only way well-budgeted public services can be sustained for our citizens in the years to come. 

Only AFTER these basic public services for Oakland citizens are met should you and the City Council consider COLA'S, increasing City worker pay, hiring politically connected Mayoral staff, etc.

If you do not clearly prioritize YOUR VOTE for the Oakland City Budget accordingly, and in reflection of your campaign promises, it will make our voting for your reelection impossible.


The Following Citizens and Voters of the Great City of Oakland






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