Stop The Hillsborough Dome

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Do you want to see this when you look at your window? Along with synthetic turf fields, which include night lights up for night games, is will be a 210,000-square foot indoor facility, including two domes with a height of up to 75 feet!

This is a 6-story high dome!

This is being planned on the old GSA Depot site, the Apex project will be built adjacent to Mountain View Park. Wilke and his development team are scheduled to meet with the township Environmental Commission March 26 and the township Planning Board April 5. The Township Committee meeting, where our voices can be heard, will take place on March 27th. We need to be there to stop this!

While we can all appreciate the possible need for a facility, why do we need one in a middle of a residential area? Is there no other area that this eye sore can be built that would not drop the value of the houses in the area? This once peaceful area has had over 2 years of remediation work going on, all with the promise the land would be returned to its previous state. We now know that is not true. Traffic will be a nightmare, and this complex will not only be an eyesore but will have bright lights on at night and we can expect this to be a regular occurrence.

We need to stop this!


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