Ban Clementine Ford from Auckland Council buildings.

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Clementine Ford is a divisive, hate mongering man hater, who regularly advocates for the killing of all men.

She has been removed from an anti suicide campaign for tweeting "kill all men".

She frequently uses phrases such as "men are shit" and "kill all men", so much so that's she's renowned for doing so.

Auckland Council has previously taken the stance that divisive Speech will not be tolerated, nor hosted on Council premises.

We demand Auckland Council to uphold their policy and ban Clementine Ford from Auckland Council premises for promoting hatred, sexism and endangering the mental well being of men worldwide.

Mayor Phil Goff and Auckland Council must be consistent with their rulings on who may be hosted on Auckland Council premises.

Having already denied the use of Council buildings to host perceived divisive speech, they must now deny Clementine Ford the ability to promote her divisive and dangerous ideology on Council premises.

Personal story
We are a collective of concerned New Zealanders who despise hatred and the advocacy of violence in New Zealand.

We will not tolerate people who call for the deaths of an entire gender, nor paint an entire group as being rapacious and evil.