Wattpad, Please let writers save their hard work! Wattpad and Writers right.

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At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!

  Your Wattpad story is very vulnerable and if it suddenly disappears, you'll never get it back. With this petition, Wattpad should be able to send you a link via email. With this link, you should be able to download all of your stories to docs when your account is deleted for any possible reason. Another option would be if your story violated any guidelines, Wattpad would be able to make your story only visible to you.  Because no matter what you do, nobody deserves to lose their hard work. This is basic human rights !!!!

 Wattpad should also try to give old users their stories back, doesn't matter if their account was deleted 4 years ago. People are being affected daily because they didn't think to save their work on docs and maybe that was a little stupid of them ( but you have to understand Wattpad tries their best to never bring this issue up so half of the users are not aware that this might happen).

Left and right you hear about a popular author getting their hard work deleted. Imagine working hard on an account, dedicating years to your account, and when you finally get famous. You get your account deleted and Wattpad doesn't bother to give you your stories back. 

    I LOVE Wattpad. It's the reason why I have a passion for writing. It's the reason why I've met so many great people. It's the reason why I got over my depression. But I also love my stories. Please sign so people will keep on writing and reading on Wattpad. How can Wattpad have 90 million users and still not know the pain an author goes through when they lose something they worked really hard on?

 Wattpad knows half of its users are teenagers and kids who just want to write. They are Taking stories away from the young and inspiring author and just deleting them. Tumblr, youtube, vine have a feature similar to this, so should Wattpad.  There's a reason why 15 billion minutes are spent on Wattpad each month.

    Wattpad is aware of this problem and has not done anything to fix it as far as I'm concerned. Wattpad hasn't yet told us why they hadn't been able to add a feature  So we need to go the extra mile and show Wattpad what we really want.

 Some of you might say ´ you should´ve saved it to your computer ´ but you can´t do that when you´re constantly improving your story. Especially if you're writing multiple books. It becomes a pain in the a*s and many people like me love and trust Wattpad with their stories. Which is foolish. Many people will realize that too late. This is foolish, but Wattpad is like another world to people, you meet so many great people like you, you almost forget about the bad stuff (like account deletion.) 

Please sign we only have 50 signatures but have to start somewhere.

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