Cancel All Current & Future Pig Wrestling Events

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Cruelty sold under the guise of tradition and "entertainment" is still cruelty. A pig wrestling event is an event that is no less than torturous to the pigs involved. Typically, during a pig scramble a group of frantic people chase after pigs to grab them and put them in a barrel before a timer runs out. The pigs are often slathered with a slippery substance to make them more difficult to catch. In the process, people grab at, yank on and leap upon piglets, often causing extreme physical pain, broken limbs, and suffocation in addition to the obvious emotional stress put upon them. Any reputable animal welfare group, veterinarian and indeed, any person with a reasonable amount of empathy would tell you that these events cause fear, stress, and undue pain to these docile creatures. In short, it is clearly abuse!
In addition to the effect upon the non-human animals involved, think, for a moment what effect it has on the children who watch and/or partake in it. ( Noble County even allows them to participate with parental consent ) In every interaction with animals, we teach our children what is and is not okay. Pig wrestling teaches the wrong lesson. They teach that it is not only okay to manhandle animals, to chase them and scare them and hurt them, but that it is funny. The fair board has already been approached in the past with the results of a local poll showing that at least 2/3 of the people polled wanted it stopped but have refused to acknowledge or consider the fact that it is abuse and have scheduled it yet again for this years fair. One member even commented that " a pigs days are numbered anyway ". Please sign this petition and let them know that you take any kind of animal abuse seriously and do not want it in your community. Thank you for your support!