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Noble County, IN; USDA Indiana Region: Ban all back yard breeders and puppy mills

On January 3, 2013, the officials of Noble County, Indiana gave permits to 6 puppy mill owners giving them the right to continue neglecting and abusing animals in their possession. Many of these puppy mills have been sited time and time again for violations of the Animal Welfare Act as set forth by the United States Department of Agriculture. Noble County officials were aware of this when they made their decision. This shows total disregard for the life of an animal that can not protect itself; an animal that depends on others for its love and care. Noble County officials offered no protection for the animals being housed in these puppy mills or the future animals that will be born into their filth and disease. How can this be? The officials of Noble County must do the right thing, the humane thing, the moral and ethical thing; and pull the permits given to these horrific puppy mills. Please do not allow them to let another animal go without proper care or die because of their horrible mistake. Please hold the officials of Noble County accountable for their actions which will cause many animals to suffer and die. Please ask Noble County to pull the permits that they approved and not allow puppy mills to operate in their county.


Letter to
Noble County, IN
USDA Indiana Region
We respectfully ask that Noble County officials rethink their decision allowing puppy mills to operate in their area. We want these permits to be revoked and ask that Noble County take a stance against the cruelty and neglect that occurs in all puppy mills. Let other counties and states know that puppy mills will not be tolerated. Stand up and set the example. It is time that puppy mills come to an end. Nobe County, we ask that you do the right thing, take the initiative, and help ensure this happens.

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