Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed(PhD) Deserves Nobel Prize

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The Ethiopian Prime minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed is the first person to change the perspective and the spectrum of the Ethiopian Politics. And as a result, a nation that was on the brink of division is coming together by The way he showed to his people. We ask the Nobel prize organization to award Dr. Abiy Ahmed for the work he has done in unity and peace throughout Ethiopia.He is the first PM to bring peace between Ethiopian and Eritrea after 20 years war.He is a democratic leader to make and keep peace and security  between neighbor countries.He is the one who ensured the peoples security during a difficult situations in Ethiopia.If Dr. Abiy Ahmed were to get the Nobel peace prize, he would be enabled to contribute even more to world peace. This prize would also place east Africa’s problems into the worlds spotlight, which could eventually bring even more peace. Restoring peace here would also greatly reduce the immigration crisis in Europe and the rest of the world.

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