Revoke Abiy Ahmed’s Nobel Peace Prize

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In 2019, Ethiopian Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize “for his efforts to achieve peace and international cooperation, and in particular for his decisive initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighbouring Eritrea”.

We call on concerned citizens of the world to join us in asking the Nobel Foundation to revoke Mr. Ahmed of his undeserved Nobel Peace Prize and to consider the harm he continues to do to his own people.

In his two years in power, Ahmed has committed the following atrocities:

  • Although not elected, he has refused to stand by his promise of an election in 2020. Furthermore, he has waged war on those states who have continued with their elections in 2020
  • Mr. Ahmed has gone against the results of state elections and has appointed a non-elected official against civilian’s vote. Furthermore, he has replaced all elected state leaders with unelected officials
  • Imprisoned multiple opposing political party leaders as well as tens of thousands of civilians who support opposing political parties
  • Refused to provide federal budget to the province of Tigray.
  • Begun a civil war that is leading the extermination of an ethnic group and:
    • attempted to block civilians from leaving the country and seeking refuge abroad
    • cut electricity in the region which affects approximately 7 million civilians
    • stopped all telecommunications, including internet and phone
    • rebuffed international pleas of negotiation
    • arrested journalists and media workers and will not allow journalists to enter the region to document events or report on what is happening in the region
    • refuses to allow international aid to Eritrean refugees in the Tigray region
  • Refused to provide Tigray with PPE during the current pandemic, although all other states were given protective equipment.
  • Locally displaced millions of Ethiopians

Under Mr. Abiy Ahmed's leadership, the following violations have occurred without intervention by the government:

  • Burning of religious buildings filled with displaced civilians leading to the murder of innocent people.
  • Road closures to prevent food to arrive to civilians and refugees in the Tigray region.
  • An increase in ethnic clashes across the country

A leader of a nation who won a Nobel Peace Prize only to wage war on his own people and commit the atrocities outlined above undermines the spirit of the Nobel Foundation. Please join us in calling on the Nobel Foundation to revoke Mr. Abiy Ahmed’s Nobel Peace Prize.