End shark tournaments

End shark tournaments

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Janet Coit (Assistant Administrator, NOAA Fisheries.)

Why this petition matters

Started by John Hourston

My first objective was to remove the funding that makes shark tournaments possible by targeting the corporate sponsors of fishing competitions that kill sharks. In most cases this has now been achieved.

AON, Astoria Bank, Budweiser, BASF, Foley Caterpillar, Goslings Rum, Lexus, Merrill Lynch, Samuel Adams Beer, Toyota, Royal Bank of Canada, West Marine, Vineyard Vines and Yamaha Outboards have all pulled out of shark tournament sponsorship at my request.

I'm now calling on NOAA Fisheries to stop the killing of IUCN Red List threatened species such as mako and thresher sharks at shark tournaments in the USA.

I'm a volunteer at Blue Planet Society so I can help to conserve marine wildlife - and with your help I'm determined to end tournaments that kill sharks.

Please sign petition to help protect threatened shark species.

177,731 have signed. Let’s get to 200,000!