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Endangered Hawaiian Coot chicks @TBay & Nene next door!

Mar 27, 2014 — Aloha Friends, Yesterday we saw four Hawaiian coot chicks at Turtle Bay. Hawaiian Geese (nene) also have three goslings next door in the James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge. Nene have not been seen in the wild on Oahu since the time of Captain Cook. Perhaps now, with the Kahuku-Kewela Conservation Partnership almost a reality for Turtle Bay, we should start advocating for the expansion of the JCNWR...into Turtle Bay! (It was going to but then lost the funding)
We also successfully raised a bunch of money for Keep The North Shore Country. They filed a law suit with the Sierra Club against Turtle Bay Resort for their incomplete and inaccurate Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement. We contributed a lot of information for this lawsuit too. We are hiking to Kahuku Point every weekend in April. Get in touch to join us! Keep sharing the petition. It is being shared with all the right people. Support our work


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