No Trumpcare! No Way! No How!

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It's not news to any of us that the Republicans are trying to take away our health care.  The Albany Region Indivisible Group is committed to standing up, speaking up and acting to thwart their efforts. Please join us in protesting their attempts by signing this petition .

Did you know that currently only about 5 percent of Oregonians are lacking health insurance? And that if the Republicans' American Health Care Act is passed the number will rise to at least 15 percent? Millions will lose their healthcare if they are able to pass this controversial and draconian "Repeal and Replacement" of the Affordable Care Act.

Who of our friends and neighbors, here in Oregon, will suffer most? Our most vulnerable. Our youngest and most elderly. Families who live in small towns and the hospitals that care for them. Women who rely on reproductive health providers that will no longer have funding. Sixty five thousand disabled people who currently receive long-term care through Medicaid. Our Veterans. So many losses.

Oregon Representative Greg Walden, one of the bill's authors and biggest supporters, touts its "entitlement reform."  Entitlement reform that will strip our most vulnerable of their care. How can Greg Walden be celebrating this? This legislation could result in 465,000 fewer Oregonians having health insurance and create a 2.6 billion dollar negative impact on the state's already stressed budget. Almost half a million people without insurance?  Surely our nation is more compassionate than this.

This bill, as well, is an unprecedented money grab for our nation's wealthiest citizens; money taken from the poor and middle-class. 275 billion dollars in tax breaks will be given to the top 4 percent wealthiest of our citizens. So the poor get poorer and sicker. The rich get richer. This is simply unacceptable!

Join millions of other Americans to say "No Trumpcare! No Way! No How!" You have an opportunity to make a difference. Right here. Right now.

Sign here. Register your outrage at this deplorable bill.

Thank you for helping us speak out!

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