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NO To Virginia's Anti-Woman Pro-Rape Legislation

To The Virginia Senate:

The SB 484, informed consent bill is 100% unecessary, creates a forced additional expense and is 100% physically invasive.


SB 486: "Requires that, as a component of informed consent to an abortion, to determine gestation age, every pregnant female shall undergo ultrasound imaging and be given an opportunity to view the ultrasound image of her fetus prior to the abortion. The medical professional performing the ultrasound must obtain written certification from the woman that the opportunity was offered and whether the woman availed herself of the opportunity to see the ultrasound image or hear the fetal heartbeat. A copy of the ultrasound and the written certification shall be maintained in the woman's medical records at the facility where the abortion is to be performed".


SB 484 is nothing more than a humiliation tactic infringing upon a women's reproductive sovereignty.

This bill is very transparently designed by people who feel that the collective wisdom of a billion billion women and their health care providers, over a hundred thousand generations is astray. This bill promotes the idea that women must be told what to do in order to be responsible. It promotes the idea that Women are not in authority over their own reproductive choices, and that they should be "shown" what to do. The implication of the forced ultra-sound is the hopes that if a woman views a clump of fetal cells inside her vagina, that she will have an epiphany and realize that she should not terminate her pregnancy.

SB 484 serves only to subjugate women to the will of an anti-Woman political culture. This is wrong. This is not the way. It's disrespectful and violent toward Women. Women are the reproducers for a reason. It's a Woman's job and her sworn human duty to protect the sovereignty over reproduction and her unassailable and final authority in it.

SB 484 promotes the concept that women's bodies are public property, and that someone besides the woman herself can determine what happens to and inside of it, regardless of what she wants. And that, is rape. Women alone, should without fear of abusive legislation and without fear of physical attack, be recognized for what they are: the stewards of their own reproductive health.

Each and every Woman is a full citizen of The United States of America, and as such, is entitled to all of the powers and freedoms granted to every United States Citizen. Infringing upon Women's sovereignty is a slippery slope pointing society away from Freedom and Democracy. Women and their male supporters say no to SB 484.

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