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No to the mine road, and crushing site in Logierait woods

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We, the undersigned, object to the proposed development of a mine access road and crushing site in Logierait (planning application 15/01972/FLL), for the following reasons:

- Disruption and associated environmental issues of noise, dust, pedestrian and road safety caused by the introduction of numerous HGVs using the main haul road to the A827, descending from the high ground, through Logierait Woods, to connect to the principal road network in Logierait village.

- Industrial development entirely out of character and scale with the existing small, residential and rural village, which could be detrimental to the tourism activity in Logierait.

-Loss/disturbance to the Community’s greenspace: Logierait Woods is the sole community greenspace of Logierait. The noise of heavy goods vehicles and crushing plant would detrimentally and fundamentally alter the nature and character of that greenspace area.

-Detrimental impact on recreational use of Logierait woods: locals and tourists walking/cycling with their children and dogs trying to access our core footpaths (Logierait woods and Tummel Woods) would have to evade massive HGVs and Moxy trucks, hence deterring them from accessing their only traffic free greenspaces.

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