NO to Sustrans changes in Grantown-on-Spey

NO to Sustrans changes in Grantown-on-Spey

9 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Lyn vW

Grantown-on-spey is the capital of Strathspey.  It is the home of Clan Grant and is a Traditional Highland Planned Town which was established in 1765.

It is a vibrant visitor destination because of the facilities the town offers. It is full of independent High Street shops and unique holiday accommodation. At the heart of Grantown is the beautiful open area of the Square which was originally Grantown’s market place. 

Grantown is located in the central Highlands which makes it a great base for visitors exploring the area.  Given its rural location and limited public transport, cars are essential for those who need to travel whether that be for work, school, shopping or pleasure.  Grantown is a town for all ages and abilities and not everyone is able to cycle or walk to their destination however those that can currently do.  

Like any town, there are always areas for improvement and upgrades for example to the pavement and road surfaces, drop kerbs for wheelchairs, additional parking and traffic calming measures are welcome.  New cycle paths between towns for those that choose to use them are also welcome.  However, The Grantown Society who claim to be preserving the heritage of Grantown-on-Spey have established a project called The 3 A's (Active, Attractive and Accessible) and have successfully received funding from Sustrans under their “Places for Everyone” scheme.  

The objective of Sustrans is to reallocate significant road carriageway space and parking areas available for vehicles to pedestrian walkways and cycle paths. In practical terms this means reducing the space available for parking and reducing the capacity of the roads. As a result, journeys by car become less attractive because there is nowhere to park once a destination is reached. Sustrans believe that this will “encourage” people to walk or cycle however those who choose to drive for various reasons will just go elsewhere.

The 3 A’s has taken it upon themselves to propose projects in Grantown which will remove car parking, introduce pedestrianised areas, for example around the War Memorial in the Square, and introduce a one way road system which will significantly change the direction of the traffic in the town. 

One of the proposed layouts would prevent access for vehicles from the direction of the War Memorial to Inverallan Church. Car users would then have to use Seafield Avenue or Mossie Road to access the Church however there would be limited to no parking on Grant Road and Church Avenue.   The junction from the Square to Seafield Avenue is already a problem area due to the existing one way system beside the Co-op.  Any changes to the Grant Road junction with Seafield Avenue would also be problematic for HGV’s which deliver goods to the Co-op.

There is absolutely no intention of upgrading the well used school route at the side of the British Legion and The 3 A’s would prefer children to use the side of the Grant Arms where there are coaches and HGV deliveries. This route is in line with the changes proposed on Church Avenue.

Future changes also include removing parking at both ends of the High Street by extending the pavement into the existing parking bays. This will have a huge impact on passing trade for shops on the High street.

After several consultations, a report has now been completed by The 3 A’s.  The outcome of the report states ‘Throughout it was stated that all contributions to the debate are valued and there now exists the challenge of balancing all these views.  It is clear that if current practice is not broken now it is rapidly breaking down and will continue to do so without change.  That change, possibly incremental, must be undertaken in line with the purpose of the Sustrans programme, Places for Everyone.’

The report does not reflect the balance of public opinion.  The responses to the online feedback form were firmly against the proposals.  The facebook comments on the Grantown Society and The 3 A’s pages appear firmly against the proposals.  It is clear that not all views and comments submitted have been analysed and represented in a fair and transparent manner. 

If you disagree with the proposals from The 3 A’s because you do not want to lose parking areas within Grantown or reduce the road capacity, please sign our petition.   

Thank you.

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Signatures: 792Next Goal: 1,000
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