No to sexual education in Primary Schools

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  I do agree that proper Sexual Education should be thought to students the proper way by trained professional teachers during P.S.C.D.Education, but in my opinion children in the 6th year of Primary schools are too young and innocent (the majority at least) to be exposed to such a very delicate information! First we tell them that nobody should touch or see their private parts (unless if it is needed to be checked by a Medical Doctor,for Medical reasons). This information about the intercourse between a male and a female during the sixth year of Primary will either shock them or will get them very curious about the subject and might even dig deeper to explore more, and that worries me a lot, as then it might escalate into trying these things earlier then they should. First of all, they would loose their innocence whilst in Primary School which in my opinion as a mother myself, I think it's too early and even concerns me that while they will receive this new (hot) information (even in the most subtle way), they might share it with younger children in their Primary School.

  I would prefer if the subject about Sexual Education (Intercourse) will be thought and explained  the right way from trained Professionals during the first year in their Secondary Schools. At least if they talk about it with other school mates in different classes it would be with older children in a Secondary School, and they would not be scandalised about this subject!

  I really hope this new reform from the Ministry of Education would be seriously reconsidered as I don't find it fair at all, on parents like us,who have children in Primary Schools to be thought this very delicate subject in year six. Which by the way, is it really democracy doing such reforms in Education without considering asking and discussing the subject with us, the parents of the next generation! I ask, is it really that important to inform them about sex while they are still in Primary Schools? Why it is not in the First Form of the Secondary Schools? It's only a year later for them, but in children it does a huge difference in their mental ability to understand and educate themselves more about this new important topic! It is only a one year of difference,but even from a newborn to a one year old toddler. A parent knows, you would not apply the same procedures to a newborn and to a one year old toddler. And the same goes with a year six student to a form one student!

  As a worried parent, I would like to ask especially our First Lady Ms.Michelle Muscat,a very wonderful person who I truly admire for all her great work! But as a parent to her children, who are the same age as mine,I kindly ask, is she fine with this new educational reform, or maybe like me concerned about this situation?!    


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