NO to Closing and Rebranding Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School

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Concerned parents and members of the Anglo community
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Lester B. Pearson School Board wants to close and rebrand Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School. LBPSB's request is to erase the history and success rate of Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School as a solution to deal with the demise of Riverdale High School.

Parents and the public need to show their support to keep Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School open as is and not suffer a second loss of a known school in the Anglo community. Say NO to closing/rebranding and amending the Deed of Establishment for Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School.

Sign the petition and show your support. This is much more than saving 1 school, this is about a community that will continue to suffer if we don't do something. The School Board needs to stand up and fight for their community, not disrupt it anymore than they have to.