No to building on Greenbelt!

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The aim of this petition originally was to object to plans made by GMCA (Greater Manchester Combined Authority) to build across the greenbelt in Greater Manchester, however I have now decided to extend this petition nationwide in a bid to attract more signatures.

I am also now planning to deliver this petition to the government (Downing Street) as well as GMCA.

As a nation, I understand that we require housing, however greenbelt was designed for a reason. This reason was to protect conurbations from becoming one, to allow wildlife to flourish, and to allow people to have green open spaces in which they could walk, play and to escape the grey towns and cities.

This problem is not just in this area, it is a national issue, and I want the Conservatives to deliver on their manifesto promise of not building across greenbelt. We vote the MP's in to parliament, and the local councils in as well, it is about time that they realised what the people as a nation want, and listening to them.

We need the greenbelt area for future generations, to keep our wildlife, and endangered species safe, and to stop conorbations joining together and to stop us all living in a concrete jungle.

We, as a nation have some amazing green spaces, where visitors enjoy going, and we need to keep it that way.

A lot of the areas that councils are planning on building on across the country do not support the infrastructure for houses. A lot of areas, like ours do not have the sufficient road network, buses, trains, doctors, schools etc.

This needs to stop! By signing this petition you can make our voices heard.

Thank you in advance.