Stop commercial water extraction on Tamborine Mt

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Due to declared drought conditions and shortage of local water supply we, the undersigned, hereby call on the DNRME Qld State Gov't Minister, Dr Anthony Lynham, to apply Qld Water Act 2000 Subdivision 1, Section 28 prohibiting the taking of water during water shortages, by commercial water extractors,  who are operating from Tamborine Mt Qld, and other areas, for the purpose of bottling water that is needed by the local community, wildlife and rainforest ecosystems. 

The community is dependent on rain and bore water as there is no reticulated system.

Our bores and tanks are running dry.  We have to wait 4 weeks for water deliveries from off the Mt.

Our creeks and waterfalls are running dry.  Dead platypus have been found along the banks of Cedar Creek.

Ancient rainforests that are dependent on ground water to survive are starting to look parched and dry.

Disgarded plastic, single-use bottles are creating an envirinmental waste hazzard.

Bottled Mountain Spring water is actually bore water that has been purified, no different to tap water.

We need to keep our water in the underground aquifers where nature intended, not in plastic bottles on supermarket shelves.

The commercial water extractors, working for large corporations, do not pay royalties for this water, unlike householders and farmers.

You can help save our Mt rainforests and reduce plastic pollution by not buying water in plastic bottles.